A local lawyer is a wise choice when it comes to selecting a professional to represent you in your legal matters. It is important that legal issues are handled by a competent pro who knows the law as well as your locale. Here are some tips on choosing a quality representative in your community: - Laws vary from region to region. While an attorney from a big law firm in a far away city may have a great website or ad in the yellow pages of a phone book, they won't have the intricate knowledge about your home town and community. You want someone who not only knows the legal stipulations of your location, but who knows the townsfolk, history, and culture, as well. - Decide what you need to have done and then find the appropriate specialty. Attorneys specialize in a variety of law areas such as criminal law, DUI problems, bankruptcy, divorce, business and real estate. It's important to have an attorney who is well versed in your area of need. - Word of mouth referrals are always a g